Introducing Japanese men's fashion magazines, mainly in the 90's, with comments from Japanese people.

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smart September 7 1998

smart September 7 1998. The cover is Cornelius and Aiha Higurashi (SEAGULL SCREAMING KISS HER KISS HER). Higurashi is staring diagonally below lol. www.youtube.com www.youtube.com The advertisement on the back of the cover is Denim, one of…

Hot Dog PRESS January 25 1997.

Air Max 95 and Air Max Tailwind Hot Dog PRESS January 25 1997. It wasn't the January issue because it was a biweekly issue. The popularity of magazines at that time can be seen in the fact that magazines are released every other week. It i…

CHECK MATE July 1998

CHECK MATE July 1998 Men's Magazine Bimonthly

smart April 20 1998

It was an era when the popularity of designer brands, centered on avant-garde brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Beauty Beast, and 20471120, was unimaginably high.